Oil palm case study

TartanSense provides tailor made solutions for Oil Palm plantations using its UAVs based approach for crop health monitoring and aerial surveys.

Majority of the oil palm region suffers from having 60% cloud coverage during the year thereby making satellite imagery ineffective. UAVs provide the only alternative for timely, cost effective option for high resolution aerial mapping and sensing. Here is a snapshot of a deep dive analysis TartanSense recently completed on an oil palm plantation in Aceh, Indonesia.


6000 Ha
Oil Palm plantation in Aceh Indonesia


Survey and Map Plantation
Identify assets and prescribe solutions

Life of a Flight

Quad Copter : Under 15lbs
Range : 20 mins
Area : 60 – 80 Ha / per flight. Avg. area covered per dav 600Ha
Two Sensors : RGB and NIR
Battery : 4000 mAH LiPo

output High Resoultion Drone Image

Analytics illustration 1
Tree density and Road access Map

Analytics illustration 2
Color coded Trees based on Distance from Roads

Dashboard report

Description Metric
Image Date March 5th, 2015
Area 115 Ha
No. of oil palm trees 3,549
Length of main road 1.4 km
Length of service road 1.8 km
Area under plantation 72 Ha

Distance from road analysis

Distance from road # Oil palm trees
25m 765
50m 1,411
75m 1,888
100m 2,241
>100m 1,308
Total 3,549